I want my deal site listed on Viewpons.com.
What do I do?

I want my deal site listed on Viewpons.com - what do I do?

The first step to getting listed on Viewpons.com is to use our contact form to tell us about your site. When we receive your submission, we will check through it and ensure it meets our requirements (outlined below). If it does, we will inform you of the setup fee to get you started.

How much does it cost to be listed with Viewpons.com?

We charge a nominal setup fee to get you up and running. The fee is based on the level of complexity in getting your site up and running with us.

How can I get my deal featured on Viewpons.com?

At this point in time, Viewpons.com doesn't have featured listings - we allow our users to choose what categories are their favourites and the ranking of results within each category is based on our internal algorithm which takes into consideration the users' preferences that have been exhibited in the past.

There is a mistake in my deal listing on Viewpons.com. What should I do?

Any errors in our listings are inadvertent and would be happy to make any changes required to fix the error. Please submit your error report to us via our contact form and we will fix the issue as soon as we can.

What are the rules for affiliation?

To be considered for listing on Viewpons.com, your site must adhere to our standards, which include but are not limited to:

  • The deal is purchased upfront (i.e. it cannot be a coupon that will require the user to pay upon use)
  • The deal is available for only a limited time, and the end date is not extended repeatedly
  • The deal page is viewable to any surfer, and does not require the user to prefill any information
  • The deal is available within a city or region that Cheep.ca serves
  • The deal cannot be related to the adult industry, gambling, cigarettes, or other industries deemed inappopriate, at our sole discretion